Blogs within the Department of Meteorology

The Department of Meteorology manages or contributes to a number of external blogs; details on several of those are featured below. To view the blog, click on the link.

See also our three Research Divisions WeatherClimate and Earth Observation and Space and our various research groups pages. UPDATED JULY 2017

Departmental blog

Departmental blog

This blog is normally updated weekly (less often during holiday periods), and contains entries on a wide range of weather and climate-related topics by members of the Meteorology department and invited guest bloggers. Recent topics have ranged from summer flash flooding to arctic field schools, nacreous clouds to ocean currents ... and more.

The Social Metwork blog

Social Metwork blog

This blog is written by PhD students studying at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading. Blog posts consist of:

  1. Seminar Summaries – An opportunity for PhD students to blog about a recent seminar/talk they have given.
  2. Details of Published Work – A summary of published work by PhD students in the department.
  3. Experiences of a PhD student – A chance for PhD students to describe exactly what it’s like to study a PhD.
  4. Advice for other PhD students – A place to blog on the solutions to common PhD issues.
We hope you find our blog site informative, thought-provoking and entertaining.

Weather and Climate Discussion (WCD) blog

Weather and Climate Discussion (WCD) blog

This is our topical blog, typically containing comments or analyses on recent weather events in the UK or elsewhere, conference reports, comments on items in the news and so on, written by staff, students or invited guests. Refresh frequency is weather-dependent!

Climate Lab Book

Climate Lab Book

Climate science, written by climate scientists, open to anyone to see and comment. Guest posts are encouraged! Its aim is to promote collaboration through open scientific discussion, and to improve our understanding of our evolving climate. Views from climate scientists (and beyond) are welcome.



Flooding blog

The Flooding blog is the programme blog from the Flooding From Intense Rainfall (FFIR) programme. It tends to post on recent events of flash flooding and the work of the programme participants towards improved flash flood prediction.

The Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) blog


Members of the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) Team, Partners and Associates cover issues in the news, developments in research and industry, events and opinion pieces. They are sometimes humorous but always accessible and well-informed about their work in environmental data analytics.


DARE: Data Assimilation for the REsilient City blog


Data Assimilation for the REsilient City (DARE) is a research project and network funded by an EPSRC Senior Fellowship in Digital Technology for Living with Environmental Change.




The MELODIES project is a collaboration of sixteen partners from eight European countries, working together to build new and innovative environmental applications and services based on Open Data. We regularly post blog entries on our progress on both scientific and technical themes, such as land cover classification, Earth Observation data processing and Linked Data.

Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative

CCMI blog

The SPARC/IGAC Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) is an international project with more than 150 participants around the world and is co-led by one of our academic staff at Meteorology and a senior researcher at NASA. CCMI aims at investigating and understanding the historical and projected evolution of stratospheric and tropospheric composition and its interactions with climate using both observations and chemistry-climate models, providing new scientific results in support of both climate (IPCC) and stratospheric ozone (WMO/UNEP) assessments.

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